Doing Qualitative Research Using Your Computer
A Practical Guide by Chris Hahn

   "[This] is a great self-help book for framing the research effort and guiding the reader through the
   research process. I can't name another book of this type on the market. Ted Gaiser, Boston College

Doing Qualitative Research Using Your Computer (Sage Publications) is a practical, hands-on guide to using commonly available everyday technology, including Microsoft software, to manage and streamline research projects.

The book uses straight-forward, everyday language to walk readers through the research process, drawing on a wide range of examples to demonstrate how easy it is to utilize software that you might already own. This guide is full of useful hints and tips on how to manage research more efficiently and effectively, including:
  • Formatting transcripts for maximum coding efficiency in Microsoft Word
  • Using features of Word to organize the analysis of data and to facilitate efficient qualitative coding
  • Synchronizing codes, categories, and important concepts between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Access
  • Efficiently storing and analyzing qualitative data in Access or Excel to develop categories, themes, and important concepts
  • Creating flexible analytic memos that help lead the researcher to final conclusions and enrich the written report
  • Utilizing inexpensive and easy-to-obtain tools to collect data and manage research projects.
  • Free Word, Excel, and Access templates accompany the book.

Doing Qualitative Research Using Your Computer is ideal for those students or researchers who don't want to invest in expensive specialised software packages, this guide will be an invaluable companion for anyone embarking on their own research project.

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