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How do I combine interview transcripts with data from case study forms in the code database?

Qualitative data types are diverse. If more than one data type is used in a single project the the disparate data types can, and should, be combined in the code database. The database's query tools can sort, filter, and retrieve the data records very nicely, so don't worry about combining them.

To answer your specific question, the documents from your case study should be entered in the code database along with the interview data, and the source of the data must be clearly identified.

In Excel, create a unique case study document identifier to be entered into the "idea source" column (see pages 159-60).

In Access, the case study document identifier will be entered into the "Source of the Idea" field (see page 131).

Your document identifier cryptograms (see pages 46, 82-4, 124-5, 159-61) might start with something like "csd" (case study document) so you can sort or filter to include or exclude those specific records if that becomes desirable later in the research project.

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